The Turciansky Golden Spa Stay

Turcianske Teplice became the famous spa with successful treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, kidney and urinary tract, gynecological diseases, neurological diseases, digestive diseases, occupational diseases and oncologic diseases thanks to hot healing abilities of its springs. Sulphate - hydrogen carbonated calcium - magnesium water with increased content of magnesium and fluorine is used for hydrotherapy procedures, drinking cures and wraps.

The uniqueness of the spa makes a connection of Turcany mineral water and real 24-karat gold. Gold is known for its positive effect on the heart and on improve of blood circulation. That is why it is helpful in the regeneration of stagnant bodies, especially the brain and the digestive tract, in improve of emotional state, and it improves attention and libido. Gold is one of the basic pillars of Ayurvedic healing, it is used in traditional Chinese medicine, also beautiful Cleopatra relied of its effects. And thanks to optimal mineral content and temperature of the water clearly multiply beneficial effects of gold on health and beauty. Gold cure Luxembourg for men men receive power and strength and it has anti-stress effects, Venus Golden cure for ladies women are beautiful and forever young. During this unique three and a half hours of luxury or treatments can be given you:



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