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Moldova (Republic of Moldova) is the country in Eastern Europe, bordering with Romania and Ukraine. Moldova's surface is a corrugated plane with foothills of Eurasian steppe, the highest peak has a height of 430 m above sea level. Because Moldova has a mild continental climate and up to 75 of the country covered by black soil, the most developed sector is agriculture and viticulture.

The processing of grapes into various types wines, champagne (sparkling wine) and cognac, which belong to the most important export item of Moldova, has privileged position. Cognac is a strong alcoholic beverage of a golden amber color. Its production is a long process measured for the years. Golden drink from grapes is poured into oak barrels and then ripens at least three years. The cognac is served principally at room temperature 20-22° C before and after meals in a glass of the shape of a tulip. Smell of the cognac has a hint of spice, vanilla, wood, dried fruits and flowers. Cognac is drunk as a beverage with refinement. It is relished slowly, without undue haste and stress also due to the healing properties of cognac. A quality cigar, cheese, chocolate, olives, fruit, cakes and coffee are suited to its perfectly... Join us!



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