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Moldova (Republic of Moldova) is the country in Eastern Europe, bordering with Romania and Ukraine. Moldova&39;s surface is a corrugated plane with foothills of Eurasian steppe, the highest peak has a height of 430 m above sea level. However there are something to admire: forests, caves, waterfalls, unique natural heritage, full of ruins of ancient cities, monasteries and fortresses. Despite the fact, that Moldova is a country with a rich history and many interesting tourist attractions, it still remains relatively unknown travel destination.

Unusual diversity of wildlife sanctuaries and unique geological and historical sites of The European and world values caused a boom of various forms of tourism in the last decade. However, the most important position has rural tourism. Agriculture and picturesque landscape of Moldova offers various options for tourists who want to stay in the middle of nature: country-style accommodation with the possibility of getting to know the local history, folklore,

with local entertainment and traditions, displays of a variety of crafts for tourists with an opportunity to participate in their domestic production with a glass of wine and a table full of national dishes. Let&39;s go through Moldova!



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