To Vojvodina Slovaks

Vojvodina is a historical territory in the north of Serbia, today administratively it is Vojvodina Autonomous Region. The capital and the largest city of this is Novi Sad, the second is Subotica. Vojvodina is ethnically very diverse area. There are six official languages​​: Serbian, Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Croatian and Ruthenian. Vojvodina Slovaks are the third most numerous nationality in Vojvodina. The most Slovaks live in Kovacica and Backi Petrovac. Mostly they are descendants of Protestant emigrants from 18th century, who settled the fertile, but sparsely populated territory after devastating of the Turks. They retain their language and folklore of their ancestors, smells and tastes of home cooking... Cultural treasures and kindness of hosts are only a fraction of what they can offer to each pilgrims and to other welcome guests. We invite you to see and experience the beauty and richness of traditions and customs, handicrafts, taste the specialties of local cuisine and wine brew of local cellars, we invite you to taste of  "...smell of a plane, quietness of a river ..."







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