COMPASS Tour, Ltd. is the young travel agency, which wants to capture the present rhythm of tourism and to develop all forms of cooperation with other travel agencies and their partners in the area of provision of basic and additional services in tourism for the economic development of us all , to create a common package of services, that will serve to a significant improvement and to increase the offer in tourism while ultimately meets the needs of clients better during their holiday.

Another option of our cooperation can be visibility of foreign partners here, in Slovakia. Travel agency COMPASS Tour, Ltd. has set itself a task to enable our clients to get to know country of a foreign partner, to promote their products and to spend holidays in a little-known destinations.

Also, we can provide additional services to make them as cheap as possible and still meet its role to the fullest possible extent:

  • credit intermediation for holidays,
  • ensuring credit cards for holiday,
  • mediate payment for holiday hire,
  • health insurance,
  • travel insurance,
  • insurance for cars and buses,
  • legal and assistance services,
  • insurance against bad weather,
  • currency exchange,
  • booking of tickets,
  • and more.