The Spa Vysne Ruzbachy, Slovakia

The Mineral Spa Vysne Ruzbachy, Slovakia, is located in the northeastern part of the Slovak region Spis, in the climate zone of the High Tatra mountain ranges. Beautiful nature, folk architecture, natural wonders, rich history attract many tourists... Evidence of really rich history of the spa Vysne Ruzbachy and its surroundings are travertine findings coming up from the Palaeolithic period. Already in 1595 here was built the first spa building with pool, later here was additional built also a mirror bath and large natural swimming pool, which services can be used even today. A former owner, the Polish aristocrat Zamoyski, gave to build an exclusive White House for his wife Isabelle, a Spanish princess, from his great love. At the construction of the White House the Polish nobleman was inspired by magnificent palaces in Monte Carlo. Later one of the mineral springs was also named according to Isabella, it contains significant amounts of calcium, magnesium, lithium, and even has antidepressant effects. Just with  thermal spring water Izabela is filled another jewel of that environment, The Lake Crater, which was in 1967  declared as a protected national monument. In the beautiful surroundings are treated especially diseases of the nervous system, cardiovascular disease, cancer and gynecological diseases, digestive diseases, not the least of mental illness, such as depressive states. In the treatment the unique benefits of natural remedies, electrotherapy, psychotherapy, relaxation guarantee reflexology massage, sauna, paraffin baths, inhalations and many other treatments are used. Treatment, replenish your energy, entertainment and cultural enrichment,... these all you can find in the spa Vysne Ruzbachy.


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