Cultural-cognitive tour to Moldova

Moldova (Republic of Moldova) is the country in Eastern Europe, bordering with Romania and Ukraine. Moldova's surface is a corrugated plane with foothills of Eurasian steppe, the highest peak has a height of 430 m above sea level. However there are something to admire: forests, caves, waterfalls, unique natural heritage, full of ruins of ancient cities, monasteries and fortresses. Due to the fact that Moldova is known as a bridge to the eastern culture, it is interesting to observe a fusion of Western and Eastern cultures, which people lovingly maintained.

Moldova has a moderate continental climate with warm summers and relatively cold winters. As the 75 of the country covered by black soil, the most developed sector is agriculture. Long time viticulture and grape processing for different types of wines, champagne (sparkling wine) and cognac has here privileged position. Winemaking is even cultural tradition, which maintains more than 3,000 years. Moldovan many families have their own recipe for making wine, which they protect for many generations already. Therefore there are numerous underground cellars, several kilometers long, which you can look at them comfortably from the bus. With a glass of wine it would be a sin not to taste traditional national dishes such as chicken zama, golubci, mamaliga, meat jelly, placinty, consisting primarily of meat (beef, jahniace, chicken, pork) with vegetable ingredients. Even now it smells...



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