The most-vacation in Lignano, Italy

Lignano is the beautiful Italian city of the northern Adriatic. It lies between the cities of Udine and Venice on the peninsula plunged into the Laguna di Marano in the Adriatic Sea. It consists of three parts, which are visibly different: Sabbiadoro, Pineta, Riviera. Sabbiadoro is the central part, full of hotels, restaurants and shops. Pineta is the part of the city surrounded by green gardens and pine trees. The coastal part full of tourists is Riviera. Lignano is a tourist one on the Adriatic coast thanks to the purity and safety of the sea, to the beautiful sandy beaches of each color-coded and to a complete infrastructure, it holds many regional, Italian and European awards. As Ernest Hemingway said: Lignano is an Italian Florida!

Here you will find:

  • 6 amusement parks, circuses, baths (respiratory and skin diseases), an aquapark, The Gulliverlandia,  a Zoo,
  • bicycle paths, sports facilities - a golf club, tennis courts, volleyball courts, swimming pools,
  • 8 ports with all the necessary equipment and services,
  • a complete service for owners of motor boats, boats or luxury yachts,
  • a summer amphitheater with performances of operas, concerts, theaters and other cultural - entertaining events for all ages,
  • bars, dance - clubs, discos, laser shows on a catwalk and other entertainment.

So go by yourself or with us to this destination and choose your holiday according to your taste, to your dreams:






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