Learning Trip to Georgia and Armenia (Legend of the Orient)

Georgia (The Republic of Georgia) is the country in the Southwest Asia, bordering with Armenia, with Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey. Georgia surface is very rugged, 80% of the state occupy mountains and highlands. Northern part of the state fills The Great Caucasus, whose peaks reach a height of 5000 m above sea level (Mount Elbrus, 5642 m above sea level), the southern part fill the volcanic South Georgia Plateau with significant healing mineral springs full of a spa industry and tourism, and the Little Caucasus. The climate is warm because the Great Caucasus prevents the entry of cold air from the north.

The name "Georgia" comes from the country's patron - St. George - Georgios: In ancient times this area was colonized by Greeks who live here today. During the Roman and Byzantine periods Georgia and Armenia became the subject of many conflicts. So come with us to find out how their common history is interwoven.



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