Gastronomic Trip to Moldova

Moldova (Republic of Moldova) is the country in Eastern Europe, bordering with Romania and Ukraine. Moldova's surface is flat, the highest altitude is 430 m above the sea level. It is located in climates where hot summers are long and relatively cold winters are with low rainfall, what provides a strong base for agriculture and viticulture.

Moldova is a country with ethnic traditions, with the complex and rich history and folk traditions that are affected especially by Romania, and also by Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish culture. The same it can be said about Moldovan cuisine. Gastronomy could be described by the words "from each corner a little." The basis of the Moldovan cuisine is "mamaliga" – a corn mush, which is served with roasted meat, cheese and vegetable salad. Main dishes are mainly from meat. Here a variety of stew, chicken soup, borscht, baked or grilled pork and beef are doing. Meals are served with local wine or cognac, creating an unreal atmosphere of peace and paradise. Come and enjoy it with us!



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