Bratislava - Vienna for a week

Bratislava is the capital, the most populous and also the largest city of the Slovak Republic. Here is concentrated political, economic, cultural and social life of the society. You can find the seat of the president, parliament, government, embassies and various offices here. Several major companies such as Telekom and Orange, The Volkwagen automaker reside in Bratislava. Other important companies are located in business centers, such as The Bratislava Business Center V and The Apollo Business Center. Here in Bratislava there are several universities and colleges, scientific and educational institutions. In addition Bratislava is rich in historical monuments, which are mainly concentrated in a part of this city - The Old City. Urban conservation area is one of the largest in Slovakia. The dominant feature is the fourtowered Bratislava Castle and The Cathedral of St. Martin. Also in addition, there is established a number of museums, galleries and theaters.

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is located only 60 km west from Bratislava and so together they form a group of the two closest capitals in Europe. It is the third center in the world in which UN bodies are established. For its level the city of Vienna is a popular place for international conferences and negotiations at the highest diplomatic level. Because Vienna is a significant center of Central Europe and the thriving center of culture and art more than a thousand years, the center of Vienna was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001.






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